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Available in ALDI stores nationwide as part of The Big Toy Event from October 19th

The Big Toy Event is here, and ALDI is not playing around! 

From October 19th, visit your nearest ALDI to discover a magical range of timeless wooden toys sure to delight and enchant your little ones. From doll houses and role play sets to miniature cars and activity sets, you’ll find everything you need to encourage your child’s imagination and help them escape into a world of make believe. With toys ranging in price from €1.19 – €54.99, there is something to suit every budget and plenty that would be right at home under the Christmas tree! 

Give them endless hours of entertainment and fun with the 3-Storey Wooden Doll’s House €49.99. Suitable for ages 3+, this three-storey modern wooden doll’s house is made to be treasured for years and comes complete with a balcony, detachable roof and moving parts to ensure your little one never gets bored. 

Populate your child’s doll’s house with Wooden Family Set €9.99 consisting of miniature adults, children and pets.Give the doll’s house a makeover and kit it out with chic Wooden Doll’s House Furniture €19.99.Choose from a 24-piece indoor set or a 28-piece outdoor set and watch as they bring the house to life! 

Nurture budding musicians and help them find their rhythm with the Wooden Percussion/Musical Set €9.99. Let babies and toddlers explore all different sorts of play with the handy Wooden 5-in-1 Activity Cube €19.99.Keep them on their toes with the adorable Wooden Walker €24.99, perfect for supporting little ones as they learn to stand on their own two feet. Mix it up at playtime with the Wooden Climbing Arch/Folding Slide & Climber €54.99. Flip the Climbing Arch upside down and it can be turned into a rocker, while the Folding Slide & Climber will help little ones with coordination and balance – perfect for indoor play. 

Have a little one who loves to shadow you in the kitchen? Keep them happy and occupied with ALDI’s range of wooden kitchen sets and accessories. Let them take charge of dinnertime with the Wooden Meal Set €6.99 and follow it up with desserts from the Wooden Biscuit/Cake Assortment €11.99.Teach them how things in the kitchen work with the Wooden Kitchen Appliance Set €14.99, perfect for gently introducing them to kettles, coffee machines and more. Let them get to grips with common kitchen utensils with the Wooden Kitchen Set €14.99. Watch them work their magic in the kitchen with the Wooden Toy Kitchen €39.99, a miniature kitchen set that will be sure to keep your little chef entertained!

Do the big shop from home and encourage imaginative play with the Wooden Grocery Set €12.99, which includes wooden replicas of all their favourite ALDI products. Better yet, create your very own miniature supermarket with the Wooden ALDI Supermarket €34.99. It comes with all the features of a real-life supermarket!

Give them a taste of the working world with innovative wooden role-play sets. Pretend to be a DIY person, painter, police officer, dentist or makeup artist with an occupation Tool Belt €11.99.Make humans and animals feel better with the Wooden Vet Station/Medical Cart €29.99.Let them channel their inner carpenter or market trader with the Wooden Workbench/Market Stall €34.99

Keep them engaged and entertained even on rainy days with wooden activity sets. Make car journeys a breeze with the Wooden 3-in-1 Activity Box €8.99, which comes complete with chalk, whiteboard market and magnetic pieces to help the hours fly by. Take playtime with you whenever you go with the Wooden Carry Case Play Set €12.99, a wooden playset with figures that are easily stored away for fun on the move.

ALDI has you covered with a range of wheelie great wooden vehicle play sets. Collect vehicles big and small with Small Wooden Vehicle €1.19 and Large Wooden Vehicle €12.99, available in a range of brightly coloured designs. Surprise the train enthusiast in your life and encourage creativity with the Wooden Railway Set €19.99. Take them out of this world and have a blast with the Wooden Airport/Rocket €24.99.

There’s no need for screen time when you’ve got playtime! Explore The Big Toy Event in ALDI stores nationwide from October 19th.

See below for a full list of wooden toys available in ALDI stores nationwide from October 19th: 

  • Small Wooden Vehicle €1.19 Perfect for little hands. Develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Choose from a variety of designs. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Wheeled Animal €3.99 The chunky feel of these wheeled animals is perfect for smaller hands. Choose from Dinosaur, Cow, Elephant, Horse, Sheep, Tiger or Zebra. Suitable for 12+ months.
  • Wooden Animal Number Puzzle €4.99 Wooden animal puzzle with alphabet and numbers. Includes Storage Bag. Choose from Bear, Sloth, Unicorn or Elephant. Suitable for ages 18+ months.
  • Wooden Vehicle €4.99 Wooden Vehicle available in a variety of different designs. Sized just right for small hands. Brightly coloured to stimulate child’s vision. Suitable for ages 18+ months.
  • Wooden Meal Set €6.99 Choose from Chicken Nugget Meal Set, Pizza Meal Set or Sandwich Meal Set. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Building Blocks €8.99 Includes 6 characters and 74 wooden blocks in each set. Choose from Space, Fairy Tale, Dinosaur or Zoo designs. Suitable for 18+ months.
  • Wooden 3-in-1 Activity Box €8.99 Includes 6 Cards, pack of chalk, Eraser, Magnetic Box, 50 Magnetic Pieces and a Whiteboard Marker. Choose from Vehicle, Farm or Animal themes.  Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Birthday Cake €9.99 Wooden cake with Pretend Candles, Cake Board and Slicer. Choose from Strawberry Shortcake Cake, Cuthbert Cake or Two-Tier Rainbow Cake. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Family Set €9.99 Family figurine sets include a mixture of adults, children and pets. Movable fabric arms and legs. Choose from 3 different family play sets. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Musical Pull-Along Animals €9.99 Each set features a wooden pull-along animal and a small hammer to create music. Choose from Giraffe, Crocodile, Dog or Unicorn. Suitable for ages 12+ months.
  • Wooden Percussion/Musical Set €9.99 Inspire budding musicians with these bright, fun percussion and musical instrument sets. Choose from Percussion Set including a Xylophone, 2 Castanets, a Wooden Kartal, 2 Rhythm Sticks and a Triangle or Musical Instrument Set including a Kazoo, Clapper, Tambourine and Guiro Tapping Sticks. Suitable for ages 3+ years. 
  • Ramp Racer/Hammer Set €11.99 Choose from Flower Ramp Racer with 4 Accessories, Car Ramp Racer with 4 Cars or Hammer Set with Hammer and 6 Pegs. Suitable for ages 18+ months.
  • Tool Belt €11.99 Children will love to pretend play with these occupation belts. Features fabric belt with fastening clip and wooden accessories. Choose from DIY, Painter, Police, Make-Up Artist or Dentist themes. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Biscuit/Cake Assortment €11.99 Choose from Biscuit Barrel, Cupcake Box, Doughnut Box or Macaron Set. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Large Wooden Vehicle €12.99 A fun addition to any playtime, promoting interactive play and learning. Choose from 6-piece Ambulance, 6-piece Roller Truck, 6-piece Police Car, 5-piece Farm Truck, 6 piece Fire Engine, 5 piece Safari Truck, 5 piece Tractor & Hay or 6-piece Transporter Truck. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Play Mat Set €12.99 Wooden play pieces and accessories are included. Choose from Space, Fairy Castle, Pirate or Dinosaur play sets. Suitable for 12+ months.
  • Wooden Activity Board €12.99 Choose from Space, Farmyard or Pilot activity boards. Suitable for ages 18+ months.
  • Wooden Carry Case Play Set €12.99 Encourage imaginative play with these wooden play sets and figures. Carry case great for on-the-go play. Choose from Circus, Fire Station, Vet or Bakery. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Grocery Set €12.99 Encourages imaginative play. Choose from Aldi Frozen Food, Aldi Grocery or Aldi Vegan Grocery. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Play Food Set €12.99 Wooden food play sets for role-play. Choose from Bakery Bag, Meat, Fish & Bread Crate, Fishmonger Bag, Fruit & Vegetable Crate or Butcher’s Bag. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Role-Play Set €12.99 Role-play wooden work briefcase play sets. Includes Themed Accessories. Choose from Hairdresser, Detective or Journalist sets. Suitable for 3+ years.
  • Care Accessory Set €14.99 Baby doll care accessory play sets. Choose from Soapstar Bath Set, Bambootiful Care Set, Beary Tasty Feeding Set or Purrfect Changing Bag. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Fold-Out Wooden Vehicle €14.99 Includes Accessories Includes Accessories. Choose from Aldi Lorry, Horse Box, Race Car or Police Station.
  • Toy Role-Play Bag €14.99 Choose from Pizza Takeaway, Office Worker, Chinese Takeaway or Doctor. Suitable for 3+ years.
  • Wooden Kitchen Appliance Set €14.99 Choose from Wooden Coffee Machine, Wooden Kettle Set, Hot Chocolate Set or Tabletop Cleaning Set. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Kitchen Set €14.99 Choose from Pots & Pans Set, Baking Set, Toaster Set or Tea Set.
  • Wooden 5-in-1 Activity Cube €19.99 With 5 different activity sides featuring a xylophone, turning cogs, a steel track, shape and letter windows and moving crocodiles. Elastic hinges allow for collapsible, portable play. Suitable for ages 12+ months. Approx. 39 x 22.2 x 22.2cm.
  • Wooden Doll Accessories €19.99 Choose from Cot approx. 39 x 47.5 x 33.5cm, Car Carrier approx. 34.5 x 31 x 39cm, Highchair approx. 59.5 x 23.2 x 20cm or Wardrobe & Potty approx. 35.5 x 34 x 19.5cm.
  • Wooden Doll’s House Furniture €19.99 Kit out your doll’s house with these miniature wooden furniture sets. Choose from 24-piece Indoor Set or 28-piece Outdoor Set. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Railway Set €19.99 These wooden track sets encourage curiosity, discovery, imagination and creation. Choose from Rail, Construction or Road themes. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Airport/ Rocket/Fire Station €24.99 Choose from 34-piece Airport Set approx. 41 x 65 x 41cm, 28-piece Rocket approx. 38.5 x 38.5 x 61.2cm or 30-piece Fire Station approx. 18 x 54 x 38.5cm. Suitable for 3+ years.
  • Wooden Tabletop Assortment €24.99 Choose from Tabletop Vanity Unit approx. 37 x 35 x 15.4cm or Tabletop Sweet Stand approx. 29 x 39 x 22cm. Suitable for 3+ years.
  • Wooden Walker €24.99 Includes 26 blocks. Choose from Ice Cream Walker, Pirate Ship Walker with 2 sails or Truck Walker. Suitable for 18+ months.
  • Wooden Hospital/Garage €29.99 Choose from 28-piece Hospital Set approx. 39.7 x 38 x 38cm or 23-piece Garage Set approx. 37 x 40 x 28cm.  Suitable for 3+ years.
  • Wooden Vet Station/Medical Cart €29.99 Choose from 9-piece Wooden Vet Station approx. 66.3 x 49 x 28.1cm or 9-piece Wooden Medical Cart approx. 66.5 x 49 x 26.5cm. Suitable for 3+ years.
  • Wooden ALDI Supermarket/Launderette €34.99 Choose from Supermarket or Launderette. Supermarket Includes Shopping Counter, Paper Bag, Till Closed sign, Next Customer sign, Receipt Roll, Coins, Notes and a pack of Chalk. Approx. 62 x 57 x 28cm. Suitable for ages 3+ years Launderette Includes Toy Laundry Station, 2 Clothes Hangers, T-shirt, Trousers, Iron and Fabric Laundry Basket Approx. 64.3 x 47.5 x 27cm. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Workbench/Market Stall €34.99 Choose from 22 Piece Wooden Workbench approx. 79 x 60 x 30cm or 19 Piece Market Stall approx. 84.5 x 46 x 24.5cm. Both variants include themed accessories. Suitable for 3+ years.
  • Wooden Toy Kitchen €39.99 Each kitchen includes Salt and Pepper Shakers, Spoon, Spatula, Whisk, Washing Up Bowl and a pack of Chalk.  Available in green approx. 82.4 x 30 x 58.4cm or grey approx. 83.1 x 27.4 x 58.4cm. Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • 3-Storey Wooden Doll’s House €49.99 3-storey, modern wooden doll’s house. Approx. 82.5 x 27.5 x 73.5cm Suitable for ages 3+ years.
  • Wooden Climbing Arch/Folding Slide & Climber €54.99 Choose from Wooden Climbing Arch or Folding Slide & Climber. Can be paired together for more fun. Climbing Arch suitable from 10+ months. Folding Slide & Climber suitable from 18+ months.

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