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The Big Pet Event returns to ALDI from October 5th

The Big Pet Event is back! From October 5th, spoil your furry friends rotten with ALDI’s amazing range of pet beds, pet toys, pet treats and more – all at low prices that will ensure pet parents get more bark for their buck!

As temperatures dip, make sure your pets stay snug as a bug with ALDI’s range of beds and blankets. Keep your pet warm and cosy with the machine washable Faux Fur Pet Blanket €14.99 – perfect for nippy nights.Let your pet settle in for a daytime nap or good night’s sleep with the Medium/Large Quilted Mattress €16.99/€24.99 or Memory Foam Pet Mattress €16.99, specially engineered to ensure pets sleep comfortably. Have a pet that likes to snuggle up next to its humans? Pick up a Comfy Sofa Pet Rug €24.99.Not only does it help create a zone of rest and relaxation for your pet, but it also helps to keep pesky pet hairs at bay. 

Delight and excite your pet with toys they won’t be able to get enough of! Drive your pooch wild with the Extra-Tough Ball €2.99.Made with environmentally friendly, non-toxic material, it is suitable for playing outdoors and in the water. Ahead of fireworks season, soothe anxious dogs with the Calming Toy €4.99. This innovative toy releases a calming lavender scent during play and is designed to help alleviate nervous energy. Introduce them to a new pal with the Wildlife Crinkle Dog Toy €4.99, perfect for playtime and snuggle time. Keep your dog entertained for hours with the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball €7.99, which comes complete with unique sounds, colours and motion effects. Tired of having pets chewing through footballs and rugby balls? Give them their own to play with, thanks to the Rope Ball Toy €12.99.

Let’s go walkies! This winter, make sure your dog stays warm and dry during chilly walks with the adorable Dog Bomber Jacket €9.99.Designed to shield your pooch from the elements, it’s made from padded puffer material and is water-repellent. That means you and your dog can enjoy your daily strolls – no matter the weather! 

Muddy paws, be gone! Keep your pets and your home clean and pristine with ALDI’s pet cleaning essentials. Have a pet that sheds? Sweep up pet hair with the Pet Dustpan & Brush/Pet Broom €5.99.Stop dirt and mud from getting into the house as your pet returns from outdoor adventures with the Edged Dirt Buster Mat €6.99. Keep unwanted odours at bay with Premium Scented Cat Litter €6.99.Going on a road trip? Protect the boot of your car with the Washable Pet Boot Mat €12.99 available in pet-friendly designs. Keep the backseat safe from dirt, claws and more with the Car Seat Cover €14.99.

Bone appétit! Load up their bowl with drool-worthy treats that won’t cost a fortune, like Vitacat Bumper Cat Treats €3.99 and Langham Bumper Treats €6.69, available in flavours they’ll love. Plus, ALDI is home to premium brand pet food at low prices like Pedigree Dry Dog Food €10.99 and Whiskas Cat Pouch Megapack €19.99 (40 Pack).

Head to ALDI to pick up pet essentials at amazing value prices – without being sold a pup! 

See below for a full list of Winter Pet Specialbuys available in ALDI stores nationwide from October 5th:

  • Naturally Better Premium Dog Food €1.19 (390g)
  • Langham’s Premium Dog Food Tray €1.29 (395g) 
  • Bakers Sizzlers €1.59 (90g)
  • Bravo Medium Donut €1.99
  • Goodwood Small Split €2.49 (70g)
  • Langham’s Premium Companion Natural Dog Treats €2.69 (100g/100g/120g/120g) Choose from Duck Fillets, Chicken Twists, Beef Steak or Chicken Fillets. 
  • Extra-Tough Ball €2.99 Made from tough e-TPU raw material that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Durable yet soft for your dog’s teeth, jaw and mouth. Waterproof and buoyant for water play. Stain resistant. Choose from Rugby Ball or Round Ball.  Available in dark dots or light dots designs.
  • Vitacat Healthy Balance Premium Complete Cat Food €2.99 (800g) Choose from Salmon & Wholegrains or Chicken & Wholegrains.
  • Birds & Bees Protein Worms €3.99 (250g)
  • Fat Ball Garland €3.99 Great for supporting garden birds in winter. Water-resistant. Available in green or multi-coloured. Approx. 58 x 7.5 x 7.5cm.
  • Felix Goody Bag €3.99
  • Vitacat Bumper Cat Treats €3.99 (350g/330g) 
  • Birds & Bees Sunflower Hearts €4.49 (1kg) 
  • Calming Toy €4.99 Made with lavender blends of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils that release aroma with play. Choose from Calm Toy, Rescue Toy or Senior Toy blends. Available in purple, brown or grey.
  • Fat Balls €4.99 (2kg) 
  • Wagg Treats Bumper Pack €4.99 (500g) Choose from Sausage & Mash or Training Treats.
  • Wildlife Crinkle Dog Toy €4.99 Features squeaker. Choose from Blue Wolf, Grey Racoon or Red Fox. Approx. 41 x 18 x 6cm.
  • Lick Mat €5.99 Great as a slow feeder. Soothing for anxiety problems and boredom while improving oral health. Made from human grade rubber TPR with no toxins. Choose from Playdate Orange, Playdate Blue, Buddy Green or Soother Purple. Approx. 20cm.
  • Pet Dustpan & Brush/Pet Broom €5.99 Available in grey/blue.
  • Langham Bumper Treats €6.69 (400g/320g) Choose from Chicken or Duck Breast Fillets Natural Treats, or Chicken or Meaty Variety Pack.
  • Vitacat Cat Cans Multipack €6.75 (12 x 400g) Mixed selection.
  • Edged Dirt Buster Mat €6.99 Available in light grey, grey stripes or dark grey. Approx. 50 x 75cm.
  • Premium Scented Cat Litter €6.99
  • Squirrel-Proof Feeder €6.99 Features second outer cage to keep food protected. Choose from Fat Ball, Peanut or Seed Feeders. Available in green or burgundy. Approx. 17.5 x 17.5 x 25.5cm.
  • Pet Food Container €7.99 Suitable for all kinds of dry pet foods. Includes Scoop. Available in various designs. Approx. 30 x 17 x 31cm.
  • Wobble Wag Giggle Ball €7.99 Durable construction. Features unique sounds, colours and motion effects. Available in green/blue or pink/orange. Great for dogs of all sizes.
  • Pet Crate Mat €8.99 Double-sided plush. Stitched border with paw design. Machine washable. Available in dark grey, light grey or navy. Approx. 44 x 60 x 1cm.
  • Dog Bomber Jacket €9.99 (XS – M) / €14.99 (L-XL) Streetwear for your 4-legged friends. Padded puffer style. Water-repellent. Easy Velcro fastening. Reversible design. Choose from orange/blue or navy/red. Sizes XS-XL.
  • Naturally Better Dry Dog Food €9.99 (5kg) Choose from Chicken or Salmon.
  • Whiskas Dry Cat Food €9.99 (1.9kg)
  • Pedigree Dry Dog Food €10.99 (2.6kg) 
  • Rope Ball Toy €12.99 Durable grips for your dog to chew. 100% natural rubber panels.  Choose from Rugby Ball or Football. Suitable for medium to large dogs.
  • Washable Pet Boot Mat €12.99 Choose from Bone Repeat, Big Paw, Corner Paw or Geometric designs. Approx. 67 x 100cm.
  • Car Seat Cover €14.99 Nylon with foam backing. Machine washable. Velcro fastener. Non-slip backing. Absorbent pile.  Available in paw print design or black. Approx. 140 x 57 x 1cm.
  • Complete Dog Food €14.99 (15kg) Choose from Beef or Chicken. 
  • Edged Dirt Buster Runner €14.99 Available in grey stripes, dark grey or light grey. Approx. 57 x 150cm.
  • Faux Fur Pet Blanket €14.99 Machine washable. Available in 2-tone grey, 2-tone brown, plain cream or plain grey. Approx. 100 x 65cm. 
  • Memory Foam Pet Mattress €16.99 Available in dark grey with black paws, light grey with cream paws, black with cream bones or navy with cream paws. Approx. 90 x 70 x 4cm.
  • Medium/Large Quilted €16.99 Medium/€24.99 Large Mattress Quilted pet mattress. Super soft top. Non-skid base. Removable, machine washable cover. Choose from Medium, approx. 75 x 55 x 13cm or Large, approx. 95 x 76 x 13cm. Available in dark grey, light grey or beige.
  • Whiskas Cat Pouch Megapack €19.99 (40 x 85g) 
  • Comfy Sofa Pet Rug €24.99 100% polyester. Machine washable. Absorbent. Non-slip backing. Available in dark grey or light grey. Approx. 100 x 170cm.

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