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Alder, Hazel, Oak and Cherry Trees on sale from 1st July

Aldi Ireland has announced today that it will be selling Irish Grown Native Trees in all 147 stores nationwide from Thursday, 1st July.

Cultivating our native trees is a great way to start the change we all need to make. If we all spent more time planting, we could help to preserve the environment and biodiversity for a long time to come.

Why not pick up an Irish Grown Native Tree in store and give to a loved one as a gift. Perhaps someone you haven’t seen over the course of the past year? Plant a tree and in years to come, it will remind you of reuniting with the people you hold dearest!

  • Irish Grown Native Trees €7.99 each – Help your garden grow with one of these stunning native trees. Choose from Oak, Alder, Hazel and Cherry. Ideal for medium to large gardens or in public spaces such as green areas or parks.


  • Aldi has pledged to plant one million native hardwood trees by 2025 in conjunction with Green Belt, a private forestry company.
  • Planting the one million native trees will remove more than 160,000 tonnes of carbon emissions over a 100-year period.
  • (or the emissions from about 400 cars each year), 68 million litres of petrol consumed, or 20 billion smartphones charged, enough to charge all of Ireland’s smartphones almost 47 times over each year.
  • Aldi has planted 204, 532 native hardwood trees so far in sites across Limerick, Kerry, Cork, Mayo, Galway and Wicklow.
  • The native tree plantations will create a wildlife corridor for native species and enable grassland to revert to more natural vegetation, further enhancing biodiversity in the area.

So why not play your part and pick up a Native Irish Tree in one of Aldi’s 145 stores nationwide from Thursday, 1st July while stocks last.

For more information, please contact the Aldi Press Office on:
T: 01 5252544 or