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Aldi’s World Award winning range of gins, liqueurs and whiskey will get everyone into the Christmas spirit!

Plus, a fantastic cocktail recipe – Aldi’s Mince Pie Martini!

Spirits, liqueurs and whiskeys come into their own at Christmas and what better time of year to experiment than the festive season! Aldi has a great range for your desired tipple this year, or even to give to someone as a last minute gift!

Aldi’s Wine Brand Ambassador Tom Doorley commented: Whether you want to treat yourself or someone else this Christmas – and why not both? – Aldi has you fully covered when it comes to the spirits of the Season. Not only that, you get brilliant prices hand-in-hand with superlative quality, from Irish craft gin to warming whiskeys and everything you need to become your own cocktail mixologist.

Aldi’s award-winning gin range includes Irish-made Boyle’s Gin €24.58/70cl, the perfect spirit to celebrate the festive season. Keep out of the cold with Boyle’s Sloe & Damson Gin Liqueur €24.58/70cl. This limited-edition gin liqueur is made with Aldi’s multi-award-winning Boyle’s Gin, from Blackwater Distillery in Co. Waterford. Boyle’s Gin was most recently awarded a Gold Medal at the World Spirit Awards and Gold at the Global Gin Masters.

The Boyle’s Gin Collection:

  • Boyle’s Gin & Tonic €1.95/250ml, ABV 5% – Pre-mixed Boyle’s gin and regular tonic for a tasty, refreshing drink.
  • Boyle’s Gin & Light Tonic €1.95/250ml, ABV 5% – Pre-mixed Boyle’s gin with light tonic for a refreshing drink.
  • Boyle’s Gin & Elderflower Tonic €1.95/250ml, ABV 5% – Pre-mixed Boyle’s Gin and Elderflower Tonic for a refreshing drink. Bronze medal winner at the Blas Na hÉireann Awards 2020.
  • Boyle’s Raspberry & Cloudy Lemonade €1.95/250ml, ABV 5% – Pre-mixed Boyle’s Raspberry Blush Gin and cloudy lemonade for sweet, refreshing drink. Gold medal winner at the Blas Na hÉireann Awards 2020.
  • Boyle’s Tasting Set €9.82/3 x 50ml – Tasting set containing 3 x 50ml Boyle’s Classic, Boyle’s Raspberry Blush and Boyle’s Sloe & Damson Liqueur.

An award-winner at Aldi, Greyson’s London Dry Gin €15.75/70cl has an elegantly smooth and complex taste that is best described as bright citrus and juniper flavours, intertwined with a delicately refined finish. This gin was a Silver Award winner at this year’s Global Gin Masters.

The Greyson’s Gin Collection:

  • Greyson’s Gin & Tonic €1.46/250ml can, ABV 5% – Pre-mixed Greyson’s gin and regular tonic.
  • Greyson’s Gin & Diet Tonic €1.46/250ml can, ABV 5% – Pre-mixed Greyson’s gin and diet tonic.
  • Greyson’s Pink Gin & Tonic €1.46/250ml can, ABV 5% – Pre-mixed Greyson’s pink gin and regular tonic.
  • Greyson’s Pink Gin €17.96/70cl – Elegantly smooth and sweet with fresh raspberry and strawberry flavours, followed by juniper and subtle blackberry.
  • Greyson’s Pink Gin €19.66/1L – This larger bottle gives you even more of your favourite gin to enjoy this Christmas season!

Another great option is Mo Chara Irish Pink Grapefruit Gin €19.66/70cl which has a creamy, full-bodied texture and soft fruity finish, which will be on sale from 13th December.

Special occasions call for the best bottles on the shelf. Aldi has an amazing collection of whiskeys, rums and liqueurs for a truly luxurious Christmas drink!

  • Specially Selected Irish Cream Liqueur €9.33/70cl – Luxurious and decadent. Notes of Irish whiskey with rich indulgent fresh dairy cream. Spirits Masters Gold Medal Winner.
  • Hot Irishman €16.71/700ml – Crafted using the finest Colombian coffee, dark brown sugar and mellow Irish whiskey. Just add boiling water and top with cream for a genuine and consistent Irish coffee every time.
  • Ardfallen Blended Whiskey €18.68/70cl – Triple distilled and matured in bourbon casks. Delicate, yet spicy with aromas of fresh nuts and a hint of apple. Gold Award winner at the World Spirit Awards 2020.
  • Seadog Spiced Rum €24.58/70cl – A premium black spiced rum based spirit drink with notes of sweet vanilla, warming spices, coffee and a citrus lime kick. Spirits Business Gold Medal Winner.
  • Puca Irish Whiskey €24.58/70cl – A real Christmas Showstopper! Premium Irish whiskey, aged in freshly-emptied Irish Stout and Rum Casks to give a unique flavour profile. Not coloured. Not chill-filtered. Whiskey as nature intended. Presented in an attractive gift box to make this an amazing gifting solution.

The above products and all of your favourite branded alcohol is on sale in 144 Aldi stores nationwide now. Why not try and impress your family this Christmas with a festive cocktail. Aldi’s Mince Pie Martini mixes Gin, Spiced Rum, Mixed Spice, Cream Sherry and Mince Meat – the perfect winter cocktail!

Mince Pie Martini

Serves: 4 people

Prep time: 10 minutes


For the syrup

100ml water

100g The Pantry Caster Sugar

50g Specially Selected Mincemeat

For the cocktail

2 tbsp The Pantry Caster Sugar

2 tsp Stonemill Mixed Spice

4 tsp Specially Selected Mincemeat

100ml Boyle’s Gin

100ml Specially Selected Cream Sherry

20ml Seadog Spiced Rum


  1. Start with your syrup by boiling the water, caster sugar and mincemeat in a pan, then let it cool and strain it.
  2. Mix the caster sugar and mixed spice together. 
  3. Dampen the rims of four glasses and dip them into this sugary mixture.
  4. Grab a cocktail shaker or jug, put in mincemeat, then pound it with the handle of a wooden spoon.
  5. Add the gin, sherry, dark rum, ice and 80ml of the cooled syrup. Shake or stir well then strain into the 4 glasses – and enjoy!

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