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  • Challenge your family to eat their greens this March making nutrition fun for all
  • Save up to 41% on selected fruit and vegetables from March 7th – 13th with ALDI’s Super 6 Offers!

Kids vs. vegetables? It’s a battle familiar to Irish parents with many struggling to ensure little ones eat their daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables. Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, ALDI has compiled a selection of healthy eating hacks that will help you sneak goodness into your family’s everyday meals and snacks. After all, St. Patrick’s Day is not just about wearing green, it can be about eating green too!

From preparing soups and smoothies to adding fruit and vegetables to baked treats, ALDI’s helpful guide includes creative ways to help kids get their five-a-day without sacrificing on great taste and flavour. 

Let’s explore ALDI’s family friendly healthy eating hacks:

  1. Blend vegetables into soup: One simple way to incorporate healthy vegetables into family meals is by blending vegetables into a delicious soup, packed with hidden goodness. Think creamy butternut squash soup or hearty potato and leek soup. Serve alongside Village Bakery Bake At Home White Dinner Rolls €1.79 for a soup-er tasty lunch!
  • Make a smoothie: Finding uneaten fruit returning home in lunchboxes? Give them a glass of goodness by preparing a healthy smoothie made using bananas, berries, mangoes, kiwis or whatever takes your fancy! One 125ml serving counts as one of their five a day. 
  • Add vegetables to their favourite meals: If your child is a fussy eater, a plate of vegetables can be daunting. Instead, why not add finely chopped vegetables to meals they already like? Elevate everyday favourites like spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne or shepherd’s pie with finely chopped carrots, celery, spinach, onions and more. 
  • Cut fruit and veg into fun shapes: It’s well known that we eat with our eyes first. Make healthy food more visually appealing to little ones by cutting them into fun, recognisable shapes. From snack-friendly slices to cute heart shapes, or even festive Paddy’s Day shamrocks – the world is your oyster. Plate them up creatively for added fun! 
  • Sneak fruit and vegetables into baked treats: Slip fruit and vegetables into your child’s everyday diet by baking healthy treats packed with nutritious ingredients. Options include homemade oat bars, courgette muffins or sweet potato pancakes. Shh – just don’t tell them there are vegetables in there! 
  • Choose colourful fruit: If your child thinks fruit and vegetables are boring, consider choosing colourful, vibrant fruit and vegetables that will pique their curiosity like oranges, blueberries, mangoes, strawberries, watermelon, kiwi and grapes. Go the extra mile and prepare a rainbow fruit bowl for maximum taste and goodness!

ALDI is committed to encouraging healthy eating habits among children and adults to improve the health of our nation one step at a time and boast an unbeatable selection of fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices all year round. Whether you’re preparing stir fries, school snacks or smoothies, you’ll find everything you need to make healthy choices without breaking the bank. 

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, ALDI has a selection of Super 6 Offers across fruit and vegetables available from March 7th – 13th. Enjoy a tasty refreshing snack with a Nature’s Pick Cucumber €0.59c (down from €0.75c). Prepare a St. Patrick’s Day potato salad with Nature’s Pick Microwaveable Baby Potatoes €0.59c (down from €0.99c). Go green and whip up healthy avocado toast with Nature’s Pick Ready to Eat Avocados €1.29 (down from €2.19). With bumper savings of up to 41% available, there has never been a better time to eat your greens at ALDI!

Feeling up to challenge of eating more greens this St. Patrick’s Day? Be sure to tag @ALDI_Ireland in your creations on social media.

See below for Super 6 Offers available from March 7th – March 13th: 

  • Nature’s Pick Cucumber €0.59 Was €0.75
  • Nature’s Pick Microwaveable Baby Potatoes €0.59 (400g) Was €0.99
  • Nature’s Pick Mini Conference Pears €0.79 (750g) Was €0.99
  • Nature’s Pick Ready to Eat Kiwis €0.79 (4 Pack) Was €1.99
  • Nature’s Pick Corn on the Cob €1.29 (400g) Was €1.79
  • Nature’s Pick Ready to Eat Avocados €1.29 (2 Pack) Was €2.19

Available now in ALDI stores nationwide: 

  • Nature’s Pick Courgette (500g) €0.69
  • Egan’s Small Irish Carrots (500g) €0.75
  • Nature’s Pick Aubergine €0.79
  • Egan’s Irish Baby Mushrooms (150g) €0.85
  • Egan’s Butterhead Lettuce €0.89
  • Nature’s Pick Celery €0.89
  • Nature’s Pick Mango €0.89
  • Nature’s Pick Red Peppers €0.89
  • Nature’s Pick Butternut Squash €0.99 
  • Egan’s Irish Cabbage (300g) €1.09 
  • Nature’s Pick Iceberg Lettuce €1.15
  • Egan’s Irish Baby Potatoes (1kg) €1.19
  • Nature’s Pick Spinach (250g) €1.25
  • Nature’s Pick Broccoli (500g) €1.39
  • Nature’s Pick Funsize Apple Bag (10 Pack) €1.59
  • Nature’s Pick Irish Cauliflower €1.69
  • Egan’s Irish Leeks (500g) €1.69
  • Nature’s Pick Oranges (1.5kg) €1.79
  • Nature’s Pick Plum Tomatoes (450g) €1.99
  • Nature’s Pick Bananas (6 Pack) €2.15
  • Nature’s Pick Strawberries (227g) €2.49
  • Nature’s Pick Red/White Seedless Grapes (500g) €2.69
  • Nature’s Pick Raspberries (250g) €3.29
  • Nature’s Pick Blueberries (300g) €3.79

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