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 January can be challenging, with dark winter nights, the return of routine after the festive period and of course the notorious “Blue Monday”. At this time of year, many Irish adults find themselves seeking ways to uplift their spirits. Sound familiar? Well look no further! ALDI are pleased to introduce the “Good Mood Food” guide to fuelling your body with the best-value products to combat the January blues, promote health, wellbeing and set you up for success in 2024.

ALDI’s Good Mood Food Guide

Eat the Rainbow

ALDI’s selection of fruits and vegetables from Nature’s Pick not only add a burst of colour but also contributes to maintaining a well-balanced diet. Packed with vitamins and minerals, including mood-boosting nutrients, Nature’s Pick Broccoli €1.29 (500g) is a versatile addition to your meals. For a crunchy and satisfying snack, reach for Nature’s Pick Carrots €1.95 (2kg). Convenient and energy-boosting, Nature’s Pick Bananas €2.15 (6 pack) are perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Looking to make a delicious and nutritious addition to your diet? Nature’s Pick Blueberries €3.79 (300g) are loaded with antioxidants that support cognitive function.

Get Energised

Known as the “feel-good” food, carbohydrates play a crucial role in serotonin production and energy release. For the ultimate energy boost that will keep you fuller for longer, opt for the Ballymore Crust Wholemeal Soft Grain Sub Rolls €0.79 (280g). Embracing versatility, the humble spud takes the spotlight. Egan’s Irish Baby Potatoes €1.19 (1kg) are creamy and versatile, complementing any of your favourite tasty toppings such as flavourful baked beans or tuna mayo. Keep your tummy satisfied on the go with the Specially Selected Luxury Sesame & Garlic Crackers €2.49 (170g) for a satisfying snack.

Brain Food

Who knew supporting brain health could taste so good? Healthy fats and omega 3’s are key to keeping the mind sharp and aiding concentration. Discover a nutrient-packed blend of seeds with the Foodie Market Seed Mix €0.99 (250g) for a quick and healthy snack. Pick up the Foodie Market Cashew Nuts €1.99 (200g) or for a more exotic taste, try the Foodie Market Brazil Nuts €2.29 (20g). Every Irish person knows that having a good quality butter in the cupboard is key to a good meal, so try the rich and flavourful Kilkeely Creamery Butter €1.85 (227g). Add a touch of goodness to your dishes with Solesta Olive Oil €4.49 (1l), a heart-healthy option.

Don’t overlook Nature’s Pick Avocado €0.69 – it’s not just a great addition to your meal but also a brain-boosting treat, especially when paired with wholemeal toast.

Pack a Protein Punch

Did you know that protein is a key player in hormone regulation and muscle repair? A key nutrient for busy lifestyles. ALDI offers a range of protein-packed products to support just that. Indulge in the velvety goodness of Brooklea Protein Yoghurt €1.25 (200g), a delicious and nutritious yoghurt that adds a protein punch to your diet and promotes your gut health. For a lean and flavourful alternative to traditional bacon, try Brannan’s Smoked Turkey Rashers €2.19 (150g). If you’re in search of a nutritious protein source for dinner, consider the high-quality 100% Irish Bord Bia Quality Assured Butcher’s Selection Irish Chicken Breast Fillets €5.99 (500g) or enjoy the omeg3 goodness of Skellig Bay Fresh Salmon Fillets €7.79 (440g).

Nourish your Bones

Strengthen your mind and your body this January. When it comes to dairy, ALDI offers a selection of high-quality options at the best price on the market. Treat yourself to the delicious Duneen Dairy Organic Whole Milk Natural Yoghurt €1.29 (500g) for a nutritious snack. Fuel your active lifestyle with Farmhouse Dairy Fresh Whole Pasteurized Milk €2.09 (2l), a classic staple for a calcium-rich diet but, most importantly, supports the health of your bones to keep you up and active!

ALDI invites you to explore these core products that contribute to a balanced diet to boost your mood and overall wellbeing. Fuel your body right with ALDI, and let your journey to a happier, healthier you begin!

See below for a full list of products available in 161 ALDI stores nationwide from January:

  • Nature’s Pick Avocado €0.69
  • Ballymore Crust Wholemeal Soft Grain Sub Rolls €0.79 (280g)
  • Foodie Market Seed Mix €0.99 (250g)
  • Egan’s Irish Baby Potatoes €1.19 (1kg)
  • Brooklea Protein Yoghurt €1.25 (200g) Choose from raspberry, strawberry, or peach & passionfruit.
  • Duneen Dairy Organic Whole Milk Natural Yogurt €1.29 (500g)
  • Nature’s Pick Broccoli €1.29 (500g)
  • Kilkeely Creamery Butter €1.85 (227g)
  • Nature’s Pick Carrots €1.95 (2kg)
  • The Foodie Market Cashew Nuts €1.99 (200g)
  • Farmhouse Dairy Fresh Whole Pasteurised Milk €2.09 (2l)
  • Nature’s Pick Bananas €2.15 (6 pack)
  • Brannan’s Smoked Turkey Rashers €2.19 (150g)
  • The Foodie Market Brazil Nuts €2.29 (20g)
  • Specially Selected Irish Free-Range Corn Fed Hen Eggs with Omega 3 €2.29
  • Specially Selected Luxury Sesame & Garlic Crackers €2.49 (170g)
  • Nature’s Pick Blueberries €3.79 (300g)
  • Solesta Olive Oil €4.49 (1l)
  • Butcher’s Selection Irish Chicken Breast Fillets €5.99 (500g)
  • Skellig Bay Fresh Salmon Fillets €7.79 (440g)

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