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Mamia&Me, hosted by Amy Huberman, is a podcast created by Aldi for parents surrounding the crazy adventures of parenthood.

The latest episode is a celebration of nurses and midwives. Amy chats to Sarah Kearns, an ICU nurse, about her work as a nurse during the pandemic and how saving a man’s life led to launching her own business: Baseline First Aid. Sarah gives some great tips and essential information about first aid for parents and families.

Sarah explains the importance of knowing CPR, describing how her prior knowledge helped her stay calm when she faced the difficult situation of saving a man’s life in public. Below are Sarahs Top 5 tips for CPR:

  1. Firstly, recognise that someone is unwell. If somebody is unconscious, discoloured or not breathing, that is not normal.
  2. Next, check for a response. Shout loudly at the person and shake their shoulders, ‘Hello hello, can you hear me?’. If it’s a baby that’s unresponsive, you should check for a response by giving a firm tap to the bottom of their foot.
  3. Briefly, look and see if the person is breathing, watch for rise and fall of the chest and belly.
  4. Call an ambulance a soon as possible (dial 999 or 112) and put your phone on speaker, give your Eircode. The person on the other end of the line will talk you through exactly what you need to do and support you the entire way. Ask somebody to get the nearest AED (defibrillator), they can Google for the nearest one’s location. 
  5. Start chest compressions immediately. Place your overlapping hands in the centre of their chest and push hard and fast. Keep your arms straight, as all the movement should come from your body. Keep going till the ambulance arrives and they will take over!
  6. When the AED arrives, turn it on and follow the prompts. The AED will give comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow, via audible prompts.

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