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Findings published as ALDI launch ‘Mamia First Infant Milk’ in all 161 stores

  • 66% of parents find it financially challenging to cover the cost of all baby products, with one in five constantly cutting back on other purchases

On average, Irish families are spending over €120 per week (€121.82) on groceries, with 70% (€85.47) of that weekly spend on baby products, according to a recent survey commissioned by ALDI Ireland.

The survey, conducted by Bounce Insights among 686 parents of children aged four and under, found that the vast majority of parents are showing cost-conscious behaviour by shopping around for baby products based on special offers or deals, with one in three shopping around all the time.

Mamia Infant Milk

The research comes as ALDI launches Ireland’s first private label baby formula ‘Mamia First Infant Milk’ available in all 161 ALDI stores from next Monday, 22 April. The survey was conducted as part of ALDI’s ongoing research of the Irish market to better and fully understand the wants, wishes and struggles of consumers and particularly parents today.

What Parents Buy

The vast majority of parents buy the typical baby products including wipes and nappy sacks (92%); baby specific toiletries (83%); nappies (83%); baby food and snacks (74%); baby cleaning products (73%) and infant milk formula (39%). When buying nappies, 43% buy a mix of branded and own label nappies, with 71% of parents choosing both branded and own label baby food and snacks.

Financial Challenge

According to the research, 66% of parents find it financially challenging to cover the cost of all baby products they purchase, with many cutting back on other items to afford them. Almost one in five (19%) cut back all of the time, while 59% do so occasionally. One in five cut back on meat, 47% buy less convenience foods and 70% reduce spending on premium and luxury food items. 38% of parents buy only the essential items when doing their shopping.

Mammies and Daddies Report

This latest research and product launch follows the recent publication (19 March) of ALDIs Mammies and Daddies Report , which found that almost two-thirds of mums and dads in Ireland (65%) say that becoming a parent has had a negative impact on their finances. The report, based on a research study of 500 mums and dads of kids aged up to 12, was commissioned by ALDI to better understand the economic, emotional and societal impact of being a parent in Ireland today.

Commenting today, John Curtin, Group Buying Director at ALDI Ireland said:

“As part of our value and price commitment to consumers, we regularly conduct research in the market, to better understand our customers. Today’s survey results, in addition to the findings of our Mammies and Daddies report published last month, show the extent to which parents continue to be challenged. While the rate of inflation has started to ease, we do remain acutely aware of the pressures on all consumers, and particularly parents, today.  

“This continues to guide us as a business and our commitment to deliver choice and value remains steadfast. We continue to focus on delivering great quality products at the lowest prices in the market and this promise extends to parents through our Mamia range.

“We’re delighted to continue to develop and expand our product offering under Mamia, including Mamia First Infant Milk, which is on shelves across our 161 stores from next Monday, 22 April. This product adds further choice and value, delivering tangible savings for Ireland’s parents every day.”

ALDI’s Commitment on Choice and Price

ALDI also initiated price cuts on more than 230 products in January and February. These price cuts were implemented on core household staples and school lunch favourites including lean ham, sliced chicken/turkey, yoghurts, bread, and kids smoothies, all designed to deliver on ALDI’s value and price promise.

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