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The retailer shares its top tips to help shoppers with new scheme

On 1 February, the Government’s Deposit Return Scheme was launched across the country. The scheme aims to promote greater recycling of PET plastic drinks containers, aluminium and steel drink cans through the introduction of reverse vending machines at all major retail locations.

ALDI is proud to participate in the DRS scheme and has installed reverse vending machines at all of its 161 stores. Since first launching, ALDI customers have recycled more than 480,000 bottles and cans through the scheme, all of which were correctly marked with the Re-turn logo. Over €37,500 of deposits were claimed by ALDI customers in the first month of the scheme, either redeemed directly as cash or taken off their shopping bill.

ALDI’s Jason Carolan, Plastic and Packaging Manager, has shared his tips and tricks for shoppers who are still coming to terms with the new scheme:

  1. Empty containers marked with the Re-turn logo can be returned to the reverse vending machine at ANY participating retailer, regardless of where the item was originally purchased, meaning ALDI accept items from other supermarkets and brands.
  2. There are three exceptions where a drinks container won’t be accepted by a reverse vending machine: a. The product is damaged and cannot be processed, b. The container is not registered as part of the Deposit Return Scheme, c. The container is not within the required specifications
  3. If there is no Re-turn logo currently on a product, it means the product was produced before the new scheme and won’t be accepted. Simply put – at ALDI, no logo means no deposit!
  4. We have installed convenient external units at 71 of our 161 stores nationwide, which is more than any other grocery retailer.
  5. There is no limit on how many vouchers you can collect or use at any time. Vouchers can be redeemed in store at ALDI against your shop OR for cash. However, shoppers should remember that the voucher must be redeemed at the location it was received.
  6. There is no expiry date on the vouchers.
  7. While you should not crush your empty items, the machine will accept ones which are slightly damaged so long as the barcode can be read.
  8. While you should empty your items before returning, they do not need to be cleaned.
  9. Items can be returned with OR without lids.
  10. If you order any drink products with a deposit through our Click and Collect service, you can return these through our reverse vending machines when you next visit an ALDI store, or to any other participating retailer.
  11. All our ALDI store teams are trained in using the reverse vending machines and are on hand to troubleshoot any issues that a customer is having with a machine. Just pop instore where our colleagues are available and happy to help!

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