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Retailer recently announced new contract with Lakelands Dairies

Key batch cooking ingredients on the rise among ALDI shoppers

Monaghan shoppers are the most likely to spend on fresh milk, according to new figures released by retailer ALDI, building on the county’s tradition as home to many of the country’s largest milk producers.

New data released today by retailer ALDI, has revealed Ireland’s favourite products, and highlights changing customer behaviours and shopping trends.  

The data, which analyses sales from ALDI’s 160 Irish stores, based in every county in the country, shows that mini banana packs, bananas and fresh milk are the three biggest selling products nationwide. 

Milk and bananas are essential staple products for households across the 26 counties, with these products consistently among the top five sellers in every single county. Five different product sizes and varieties of both products feature in the Top 20 selling products, according to ALDI. 

Beyond bananas and milk, the product diversity showcased in the top selling products nationally is striking. Key household essentials such as butter and bread are also among the most bought products at ALDI stores. 

Monaghan Sales

Three milk products, as well as creamery butter, are included in the top 20 selling products in Monaghan. The county is home to many of the country’s largest dairy producers. Lakelands Dairies, who have a significant presence across both Monaghan and Cavan, have a longstanding relationship with ALDI, and recently signed a new €15 contract to continue supplying the retailer.

Beyond fresh milk, ALDI’s data reveals other products making the Top 20 in Monaghan, such as premium baked beans and crumbed lean ham, while staple goods and fresh vegetables are also popular items. Carrots, strawberries, dog trays and bread have all been among the biggest sellers at ALDI’s Carrickmacross store.

This diversity of product offering not only reflects sales trends across different counties, but also demonstrates ALDI’s commitment to offer a diverse range of quality products tailored to local tastes. Alongside the country’s biggest sellers, the analysis also identifies the most popular items in each county, offering valuable insights into shopping habits and regional variations. 

Across the summer months in particular, products such as strawberries, red grapes, and salad tomatoes were big sellers, as customers took advantage of good weather in May and June to eat more salads and desserts at home. 

As the autumn and winter seasons approach, ALDI’s sales figures reveal an increase in the demand for products like carrots, instant noodles, and fresh bread. This trend hints at a growing preference for comfort foods perfect for warm soups and stews, and continues the trend towards more batch-cooking, which has been accelerated by increases in the cost of living over the past two years. 

Alongside fresh milk and high protein items, household products have also proved popular with ALDI shoppers, with cat trays, tissues, and bio baby wipes among the 20 biggest selling lines. 

John Curtin, Group Buying Director, ALDI Ireland said: “We are committed to offer a diverse range of quality products that are tailored to satisfy our customers preferences and will remain dedicated to understanding the evolving needs of our customers.  

“The figures we are revealing today are a valuable roadmap for ALDI to continue delivering on our promise. They show us the staple products that Irish shoppers value, the trends and behavioural shifts that we need to take account of to ensure that we continue to deliver unbeatable value and a range of quality products that our customers expect.”

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