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ALDI has today announced a new suite of price cuts across a further 81 of its most popular products, as part of its commitment to offering its Irish customers the highest-quality products at the lowest possible prices.

This latest round of price cuts follows the retailer’s announcement last month of price drops to almost 150 bestselling products, meaning ALDI has now cut the prices of over 230 products this year alone.

These price cuts represent an investment of more than €12m by ALDI in its commitment to delivering lower prices and unbeatable value for customers.

Among the products reduced are shopping basket favourites from across ALDI’s bakery, dairy, meat, confectionary, drinks and household ranges, including fresh chicken, beef, lamb, fish, bread, cooking ingredients, deodorant and wine.

ALDI can also confirm that the price cuts announced will not impact on the prices paid to any of its suppliers. ALDI recently announced that it spent €1.1 billion with its network of more than 330 Irish suppliers last year, including signing a number of new supplier contracts worth more than €40 million.

According to the most recent Kantar data to the end of January, the average price of a product in ALDI has dropped by almost 4% year-on-year. The average product price has increased in all other large retailers in the same period as ALDI reaffirms its position as Ireland’s best value supermarket.

Commenting Colin Breslin, ALDI Ireland Managing Director of Buying and Services said: “In 2024, we continue to focus on providing our Irish customers with great quality products at the lowest possible prices.

“Last month, we implemented almost 150 new price cuts as we reaffirmed our commitment to our customers to continue reducing prices as and when we can. Today, we’re cutting the prices on a further 81 products, bringing the total number of products we’ve cut prices on this year up to 230.

“Our commitment to our customers remains as it has always been – we will provide the best value in the market, and will not be beaten on price. Today’s announcement is yet another demonstration of that commitment.”

Full list of products that are dropping in price from Thursday, 15th February:

ProductOld Price (€)New Price (€)
Vegetarian Lattices1.991.79
Strudel 600g1.991.85
Nibbley Nobblies1.391.29
Twisst Mojito 0.01.791.49
Pina Colada Non-Alc1.791.49
Halloumi Fries/Burgers2.992.49
Curious Inventions1.991.69
Elkes Biccies 550g1.791.29
0% Fat Fruit Yogurt 8pk2.292.19
Reduced Fat Coleslaw 500g1.291.19
Garlic Slices1.391.29
Cosmetic Tissue Cube0.760.64
4PK Tuna chunks in Brine3.292.99
Tomatoes Chopped 400g0.550.45
Mixed Case Beetroot0.990.95
Croissants/Pain Au Choc3.993.89
Gourmet Mousse 85g0.590.55
Gluten Free Chocolate Hobnobs3.252.99
GF Hobnobs Original 150g2.992.49
BR: Tuc Original 100G1.991.49
Tuc Sour Cream & Onion 100g1.991.49
Thins (Multigrain / Seeded)1.191.09
Sandwich Thins1.191.09
Gluten Free Bagels2.692.49
Extra Large Chicken Fillets7.696.99
Beef Steak Mince 5% Fat 300g2.792.55
Best AU Barossa Shiraz11.998.99
Grande Alberone Vino Bianco11.999.99
Mens Roll On Deodorant1.190.99
Ladies Roll On Deodorant1.190.99
Coconut Oil Toilet Tissue 9pk4.393.99
Homestyle Fries 1kg1.491.39
Milk Choc. Sticks Ass.2.291.99
Honey roasted/Chili Peanut1.591.39
Lighter Spread 500G1.090.99
The Pantry Soft Dark Brown Sug1.250.99
Hopps (8 pack)2.992.39
Family Pack Soup Mixes0.890.79
Irish Whole Chicken 1.9kg5.995.79
Irish Lean Pork Mince3.993.79
Soya Drink Unsweetened0.890.85
Lamb Mince/Diced Lamb 393g4.193.99
Ballycastle Flavoured Creams1.490.49
Jack Daniels & Coke3.491.3
Butcher Style Ham2.992.79
Jack Daniels & Coke Zero3.491.3
Specially Selected Extra Thick Brandy Cream1.490.49
Brandy Sauce 500g1.490.49
Pouring Brandy Cream0.990.49
Specially Selected Presse 750ml1.490.49
Protein Sausage Roll1.290.99
GÜ Plant Zillionaires3.291.99
Creme Egg 5 Pack3.492.99
Kinder Joy1.491.09
Dusted Yellowfin Sole2.852.69
Sweetened Condensed Milk1.491.39
Specially Selected Black Pudding 300g1.090.99
Specially Selected White Pudding 300g1.090.99
Spray Light 190ml2.992.49
Pepper 100g1.291.25
Protein Porridge0.890.79
Protein Porridge Pots0.990.89
Irish Slow Cooked Chicken Thigh5.995.49
Entry-Level ES Tempranillo5.994.99
Curious Inventions1.991.69
Seed Brioche/Floury Bap, Flour1.190.99
Naan Bread Plain 2pk0.850.79
Breaded Chicken Sticks2.552.39
Crispy Duck 600g7.997.49
Duck Breast Fillets 350g6.996.49
Turkey Breast Steaks 400g4.494.39
Whole Chicken Legs 815g2.552.39
Turkey Breast Mince4.293.99
2 Irish Fillet Steaks10.9910.49
Rib Eye Steaks 400g7.497.29
Large Round Roast9.859.49
Beef Steak Mince 5% Fat 500g4.193.99
Specially Selected Angus Gourmet Burgers 2pk2.592.49
Irish Full Lamb Leg Avg 2.3kg9.498.99
Lamb Leg Steaks Skin Pack5.295.19

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