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ALDI Ireland and the world’s largest surplus food app, Too Good to Go, have announced a significant milestone in their partnership, approaching one-year since the rollout across all 161 of ALDI’s Irish stores.

During 2023, the partnership saw customers pick up a remarkable 100,000 Surprise Bags. Building on this success, ALDI and Too Good To Go are dedicated to continuing the availability of these Surprise Bags nationwide. This partnership aims not only to tackle food waste, but also to offer even lower prices to customers on products from across ALDI’s range.

The ‘Surprise Bags’ contain a range of products that are approaching their sell-by or use-by dates, at a fraction of the price. Each bag costs just €3.99 to purchase and contains products worth approximately €12. To access these bags, shoppers can download the free Too Good To Go app and locate their nearest ALDI store before reserving a bag to collect at a specific time.

One Surprise Bag equates to 2.5kg CO2e emissions avoided, which is the same as 442 smartphone charges. Since the launch, the retailer has helped to avoid over 250,000kg of CO2e, equating to 49 round the world flight tickets, 1.5 years of hot showering, or more than 44 million smartphone charges. The nationwide initiative is expected to save a further 132,000 kgs of food from going to waste in 2024 and is a key part of ALDI’s ongoing commitment to reducing food waste.

Liz Fox, National Sustainability Director at ALDI Ireland, comments: “Our partnership with Too Good To Go has not only been successful in addressing food waste but has also allowed us to offer lower prices to our customers. We are committed to an ongoing effort to minimise food waste and providing our customers with even more affordable prices.

“We’ve been delighted with the performance of the Surprise Bags in 2023, which has surpassed our expectations. ALDI looks forward to continuing to work with Too Good To Go throughout 2024, and we hope even more customers will be able to join us on our journey together.”

Sophie Truman, Country Director at Too Good To Go added: “We are incredibly grateful for the support from ALDI Ireland as our partnership continues to pave the way for a greener future. By reaching this fantastic milestone, ALDI has played a vital role in our mission to make sure good food is enjoyed, not wasted, together with our 500,000 active users across Ireland. I can’t wait to see the continued impact of our partnership in the coming weeks, months and years ahead in the fight against food waste.”

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