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Beloved brand’s signature yogurt will be available in Aldi stores across Ireland!

Aldi is delighted to announce that Irish dairy brand Glenisk has made its highly anticipated and long-awaited return to supermarket shelves this month.

Four months on from a devastating fire that destroyed its manufacturing facilities in Co. Offaly, the self-described “comeback kids of 2022” have established a temporary plant and are producing a limited range of products, including its signature yogurts.

Aldi customers are once again able to sample their dairy goodness as Glenisk Bio Organic Wholemilk Natural Yogurt €2.49/500g is now on sale in Aldi stores across Ireland. Indulgent, creamy, and delicious, Glenisk Bio Organic Wholemilk Natural Yogurt is ideal for a wholesome breakfast, a sumptuous dessert or even a healthy snack. We promise it tastes even better than you remember!

Commenting on the return of Glenisk products to Aldi shelves, John Curtin, Group Buying Director at Aldi, commented:The whole of Ireland was devastated to hear about the fire in Glenisk’s factory last September. We are heartened to see the company on its feet and back to doing what it does best: producing high-quality, organic dairy products for people to enjoy.”

Emma Walls, Commercial Director, Glenisk, added: “We are thrilled to at last have a number of selected Glenisk products back on shelves. We were impatient to relaunch but equally determined to return at the quality standard our customers expect.”

“While it has been a challenging few months rebuilding an interim yogurt plant from scratch, we have been buoyed by the incredible support from our customers and our retail partners like Aldi. Their generosity and kindness has kept us going. As a country, we have all been through difficult times of late and it’s inspiring to know that we are looking to the future together.”

“As we phase in the return of our products over the coming months, we are also turning our attention to a brand new carbon neutral manufacturing operation that will be completed over the next year, giving us room to grow and helping to secure the jobs and the small family farms in the organic cow’s milk and goat’s milk sector.”

Glenisk Bio Organic Wholemilk Natural Yogurt €2.49/500g is available in 149 Aldi stores nationwide right now!

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