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Aldi latest range of kitchenware Specialbuys, including copper and copper-themed kitchenware as well as kitchen related gifts, go on sale in all 145 Aldi stores nationwide from Tuesday, 15th December

Aldi’s stylish copper kitchenware provides the perfect premium look for any modern home, without breaking the bank. Copper is a perfect heat conductor, evenly cooking and roasting food, saving energy and regulating the temperature. Copper is durable and corrosion- resistant, as well as being hygienic due to its antibacterial effect that means germs and bacteria cannot survive on the surface.

  • Large Tri-Ply Copper Pans €44.25 each – Choose from 30cm Wok, 28cm Sauté Pan or 24cm Stock Pot.
  • Medium Tri-Ply Copper Pans €34.42 each – Choose from 18cm or 20cm Saucepan with lid or 24cm Frying Pan.
  • Small Tri-Ply Copper Pans €24.58 each – Choose from 14cm Milk Pan, 16cm Saucepan or 20cm Frying Pan.
  • Copper Kitchen Gadgets €3.92 each – Hand wash only. Choose from Grater, Bottle Opener, Peeler, Garlic Press or Can Opener.
  • Copper Utensils €3.43 each – Hanging loop for easy storage. Hand wash only. Choose from Slotted Spatula, Spoon, Ladle, Masher, Tongs or Pizza Cutter.

Christmas Gifts:

  • Merchants Distinction Enamel Mugs €6.87/2 pack – Take these hard-wearing mugs camping or on adventures closer to home. Available in blue/white or green/red.
  • Geometric Glasses €6.87/2 pack – Pack of 2 tumblers with a distinctive geometric design and gold rim. Handwash only.
  • Fondue Gift Set €8.84/set – Ideal for enjoying cheese or chocolate. Includes 2 Fondue Forks and Tealight. Available in red, black, grey or white.
  • Tinted Glasses €10.81/4 pack – Elegant gold-rimmed glasses for all occasions. Choose from Crystalline Wine Glass, Crystalline Champagne Saucer, Crystalline Champagne Flute, Tumbler or Hi-Ball designs.
  • Merchants Distinction Cheeseboard Gift Set €12.77 – Cheeseboard gift set includes acacia Woodboard, Knife and Conversation Cards. Cheeseboard with black handle and leather hanging strap.
  • Carafe and Geometric Glasses €12.77/set – Includes Glass Carafe and 2 Geometric Glasses.
  • Drinks Tray €15.73 – Mirrored drinks tray with padded base. Available in gold, rose gold or silver. Approx. 35 x 5.8cm.
  • Cocktail Making Set €13.76/set – Includes Shaker, Bar Spoon, Double-ended Spirit Measure and Strainer • Choose from Hammered or Plain.
  • Hot Chocolate Maker €44.25/2 pack – Barista-style hot chocolate in no time! Just choose your choc, grate it into flakes, pour in the milk and this clever gadget does the rest. 360° cordless jug with handle. Self-locking stirrer. Automatic switch off. Includes Mini Grater. Choose from Copper or Stainless Steel finish.

The above products and the more are available in 145 Aldi stores nationwide from Tuesday, 15th December.

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