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  • Aldi Irish Grown Medium Poinsettias in stores from 19th November
  • Aldi is the only Fairtrade Poinsettia supplier in Ireland


The poinsettia along with the Christmas tree is a definite symbol of the festive season. When the weather is cold and frosty, the poinsettia will add a special and vibrant touch to your home!

The first poinsettias of the season arrive into all 144 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, 19th November. This Christmas, Aldi is the only supermarket selling 100% Irish grown poinsettias. Aldi’s Irish Grown Medium Poinsettia (13cm) available for €2.99 is Bord Bia approved grown by Little Bridge Nurseries in Co.Cork. 

Irish Grown Premium Extra Large Poinsettia for €9.99 is on sale from3rd December and if you would like to gift a poinsettia to someone this Christmas the Irish Grown Merry Christmas Basket for €14.99 is on sale from 17th December. Aldi’s Glitter Poinsettia in Gift Bag for €6.99 is made using only biodegradable glitter and is on sale from 20th December. These poinsettias are all grown by Jim O’Connor in Gorey Co. Wexford and are Bord Bia approved.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Irish Fairtrade Poinsettia for €12.99, on sale from Thursday, 10th December, is the only Fairtrade Poinsettia in Ireland. These poinsettias are grown on Aldi’s Fairtrade Farm in Tanzania, transported and cared for by expert grower Jim O’Connor in Co Wexford, before Jim picks them and delivers them to an Aldi near you.  A Fairtrade premium will be paid on each plant bought to the workers on the farm to aid with healthcare and education. 

Ciara Holland, Business Development Manager at Fairtrade Ireland commented:

“We are delighted that Aldi will be selling Fairtrade poinsettias from the Wagagai farm in Uganda. This makes Aldi the only retailer selling Fairtrade poinsettias this Christmas in Ireland. There are over 2,000 workers on the Wagagai farm and they only earn about €30 a month. If we can hugely increase the number of plants sold as Fairtrade we can help to improve these workers’ wages – that really would make the poinsettia a Star Flower.” 

O’Connor Nurseries are a multi-award-winning family run business located in the sunny south east in Co. Wexford.

Jim O’Connor and his specialist team produce premier quality Irish grown plants for Aldi across the country in their six acres of glasshouse.

Jim O’Connor commented:

“The planning for our 2020 crop of poinsettia started in early January, where we select the varieties to use based on the wash up of the crop from a few weeks before that. Varieties are selected based on vigour, colour, shelf life, good root system, timing of colouring and overall shape. Plants are subsequently ordered for to arrive here on the nursery from the middle of June onwards, depending on the size of the finished plant required. The plants come in as a rooted cutting.”

“The growing season has been very good this year, with very good light levels in August and September. They are one of the more difficult crops to grow here and even after growing them for the last 25 years we are still learning new techniques and best practice. Nowadays, we use biological control for pest and diseases, which mean we now use hardly any chemicals in the growing of this crop, but rather, natural predators.”

“Over the last 10 years we have invested heavily in the infrastructure of the Nursery which now allows us to grow top quality plants in a very efficient, sustainable manner. In March of 2018, we had an on usually large fall of snow that knocked over 2/3 of the glasshouses and done a lot of damage to the rest. While it was a huge setback at the time, with a little help from Aldi we were able to get back on our feet very quickly. Everything has now been rebuilt, leaving us in a much better position for the future.”

Caring for your poinsettia:

  • Poinsettia care begins with proper light, water, and temperature conditions. During the festive season, while in full bloom, they typically enjoy semi-cool, humid locations in bright, indirect light with plenty of moisture.
  • Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly; taking care not to drown them by ensuring adequate drainage is available. Likewise, avoid letting them sit in water-filled saucers, which can lead to root rot.
  • Adding plants nearby can help increase humidity levels in dry rooms, as will humidifiers. Once flower bracts have fallen, you have the option of discarding the plant or keeping it an additional year.

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