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Aldi has teamed up with the Irish Cancer Society to raise funds and awareness

This Daffodil Day, you better be-leaf  that Aldi is teaming up with the Irish Cancer Society again. Brighten up your home and do a good seed  along the way by picking up Aldi’s Daffodil Day Bumper Bouquet for just €3.79.Each purchase will ensure a donation of €0.50 goes directly to the Irish Cancer Society. The Daffodils are now available in 150 stores nationwide – it’s an offer you plant  refuse!

Where your valuable donations went last year

Last year thanks to the donations received on Daffodil Day, the Irish Cancer Society were able to provide remote counselling sessions to patients and their families impacted by cancer. They were also able to arrange transport to and from hospital appointments and provide supportive and comforting conversations through their Support Line.

If you are unsure on how you should display your daffodils at home, do not fret, Aldi is sharing their top tips:

Tired of just sticking your flowers in a vase? Why not give these top tips a grow?

  1. Jam jars – Forget the vase and try a simple row of jam jars, this creates a lovely uniform arrangement. Place them along a windowsill or down the middle of a table and you’re sure to impress your guests.
  2. Twine – You could also bunch your daffodils together, wrap them with strips of brightly coloured twine and create a topiary like shape that will stand in a wide windowsill where you can enjoy them while you cook.
  3. Everyday containers – Daffodils look casually comfortable when displayed in everyday items like glasses and measuring cups, these are perfect to dress up your kitchen table too.
  4. Get crafty – Glue bark to empty tin cans and fill the containers with daffodils and place them on a tray of moss for an instant woodsy retreat.

Unsure of how to care for your flowers and make them last? Check out some tricks below:

Botany  daffodils lately? Here is how you can care for them.

  1. Start with a clean vase.
  2. Fill it halfway with room temperature water.
  3. Trim the stem based on the size of your vase.
  4. Using a sharp knife trim the stems at a 45-degree angle, this ensures better water absorption.
  5. If included add flower food to the vase and use the second pack when you change the water.
  6. Breathe a sigh of releaf ­ and admire your hard work.

These daffodils are now available in 150 Aldi stores nationwide, whilst stocks last.

For more information, please contact the Aldi Press Office on:
T: 01 5252544 or