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In 2020, Christmas grocery spend per household averaged at €649.80

Save now and make sure Christmas 2021 is completely paid for!

It might be the middle of the summer, but Aldi want you to get prepared for the festive season with the brand new Aldi Christmas Savings Card!

We all know the festive season can be a serious outlay on the bank accounts. Take-home grocery sales in Ireland rose by 17.0% in the 12 weeks to 27 December 20201, and a record-breaking €1.2 billion was spent on groceries in December, making it the busiest month ever. Bumper sales of alcohol, sweets and cheese saw the grocery spend per household average at €649.80 for 2020 according to Kantar. This means that if you start saving now with Aldi’s new Christmas Savings Card, you’ll have enough saved to cover the cost of your Christmas groceries!

Saving as you go to make the festive season more affordable is a great idea and will help to make your Christmas as stress free as possible! Spread the financial burden throughout the year by regularly topping up your card. You’ll thank yourself later!

 Here’s how to become an Aldi Christmas Saver:

  1. Pick up a card in store – simply pick up a card at the checkout the next time you are in store and then register it online.
  2. Top up at the checkout – It’s up to you when you want to top up your card. Add up to €500 per card, whenever you’re at the checkout. Want to keep tabs on your savings? Ask one of Aldi’s friendly checkout assistants and they’ll be happy to tell you how much you’ve saved so far. Save up for Christmas or use it throughout the year when savings come in handy.
  3. Spend your savings – you can use your card throughout the year in any of Aldi’s stores in Ireland.

Potential savings between now and Christmas!

  1. Save €5 per week on your card between 17th July and 18th December and have €110 in savings! This could mean picking up a variety of starters such as Irish Mussels, Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ham and all of the sides for a family of 4!
  2. Save €10 per week on your card between 17th July and 18th December and have €220 in savings! This would mean picking up all of the trimmings, starters, Turkey, Ham, Desserts and champagne for a family of 6!
  3. Save €20 per week on your card between 17th July and 18th December and have €440 in savings! Savings fit for a banquet – you can buy all of your Christmas groceries AND take a trip down the middle aisle for some gifts!!

So pop into your nearest Aldi store from 16th of July and start saving for an Amazing Aldi Christmas 2021!


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