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Aldi today outlined the enormous progress that they have made in 2020 in meeting their ambitious plastic and packaging pledges. In addition, Aldi have achieved major progress through key changes in sustainability across its business practices.
In March 2018, Aldi set six challenging pledges in plastic and packaging and is working in partnership with over 250 Irish suppliers to meet these pledges.

At the end of 2020, Aldi has already achieved two of the six pledges, eliminating problematic plastic packaging such as ‘black plastic’ and PVC from all of its core range food products and in ensuring 100% of pulp-based packaging across Core Range is FSC or PEFC certified or made of minimum 70% recycled content.
In the past 12 months, the retailer has removed over 600 tonnes of packaging from its products and stores, with 3 tonnes of plastic removed from our Christmas range alone for 2020.
In addition, Aldi has planted over 55,000 native Irish hardwood trees this year and has been trialling new alternative environmentally-friendly packaging for future use, including fully home compostable packaging for Aldi’s Organic Twin Pack Avocados and Organic Kiwi 4 Packs, compostable rooster potato bags and reusable produce bags made from 100% recycled water bottles.

The retailer has also made progress in the wider area of sustainability in 2020 through new and innovative approaches, such as becoming the first retailer nationwide to test traceability technology to capture all of the information from the marine supply chain, for more transparency for shoppers. This system is in place for all of Aldi’s Irish Organic Salmon and Wild Hake products.

Commenting, Niall O’Connor, Aldi Group Managing Director said, “The progress this year underlines the dedication that we at Aldi have to sustainability across all areas of our business and I welcome the progress made in our different initiatives, including using compostable packaging, new sustainable sourcing measures and in our biodiversity activities.
Completing two out of the six ambitious plastics and packaging pledges so far is a tremendous effort, in addition to being first to market with new and exciting sustainable solutions and continuing to make great progress against our other pledges. This progress is a testament to the work of the Aldi team and their understanding of the importance of sustainability throughout our business.
We’re delighted to have seen our efforts recognised by industry this month, as we were awarded the Pakman Gold Award as well as the Silver Plastic Pledge Pakman Award in the Plastic Pledge Award Category at the 2020 Pakman Awards, powered by Repak. In addition, we were also named the Green Retailer of the Year at the 2020 Green Awards.
This year, the effects of the Pandemic engulfed so much of our lives, impacting business and society. However, our commitment to sustainability cannot stall and defines our longer-term vision for Aldi.
We are proud of what has been accomplished this year against challenging circumstances and we look forward to continuing this work into 2021.”

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